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CN, NJ Horse Show Judges is a group of professional judges working together to promote education, support, and fellowship.

We are a group of dedicated professionals working together to improve the quality of judging schooling and open shows.  We offer you educated, professional judging at affordable rates and will travel the Tri-State Area including NJ, PA , Maryland to judge your shows. Many of us are licensed with different organizations and all have experience.  , We have a Directory of our Judges with contact numbers and information on this  page. We welcome you to contact us and  use this website for all your judging needs. This group has educational meetings  and clinic's with guest speakers, to further the judges knowledge and education in the classes and divisions they encounter while judging at non-rated horse shows in several disciplines. 

*Director Of Group : Coeli Netsky

*Assistant Director : Deborah Lyons-Greer

Directory of Judges


*(Schooling/Open Shows -*Hunter/ *Jumper, *M&S , *Dressage,* Western)**

Active Members- (Regularly attend CN-NJ HSJG judging seminars)

-*Coeli Netsky (609) 491 7516 (Licensed  Judge  OHSA , NAWD , DOD - Certified ARIA) Dressage Judge and Open Show Judge of several  disciplines 

-Jessica Lee Laufeyson (609) 784-5375 (Licensed OHSA) Open Show Judge 

-*Stephanie Burgess (609) 864-3935 (USDF  " L  " Graduate , OHSA , NAWD AND DOD) Dressage Schooling Show Judge

-*Deborah Lyons-Greer (609) 346-7093 (Licensed OHSA - Certified ARIA) Open Show Judge 

-*Heidi Bergmann-Schoch (732) 618-4606 (AQHA Professional Horseman) Open Show Judge

-*Lyn Gallagher (609) 726-1056 Hunters, Jumpers, and M&S Judge , Experienced and working towards USEF "r" License 

-*Lynn Stokking (609) 668-8313 Open Judge of several disciplines , Hunters , Jumpers, M&S and Dressage 

-*Carrie Forbes (856) 899-2808 Hunters , Jumpers ,M&S Judge of several disciplines  

-*Joan Feeley (609) 859-0101 (Licensed OHSA) Open Show Judge 

-Stephanie N Lulias-Larney (609) 790-1680 (Licensed OHSA) Hunters, Jumpers and M&S Judge 

-*Maria Jones McCloskey (609) 504-9606  OHSA Licensed Judge , Open Horse Show several disciplines 

-Victor A Hartley III (609) 780-6362 Western , English , Hunters , POA Licensed Judge , AQHA Professional   Horseman 

-Jessica Lange (856) 392-9088 (Licensed OHSA and Certified ARIA) Open Show Judge 

-*Tim Bassett (609) 456-7288 (Stock Horse Professional) Western Judge 

-*Dawne Marrone (609) 859-4440 (completed 15 shows in the USEF "r'" , learner judge program, Coach of U Of Penn. Team since 2002) Hunters , Jumpers, and M&S Judge 

-*Deb Cowperthwait (609) 892-0004 Hunters, Jumpers and M&S Judge

-Jill Kennedy (609) 286-9004 Hunters, Jumpers , M&S , Judge of several disciplines 

-Michael Spinelli (856) 207-0110 (Licensed POA and OHSA)  Open Show Judge

-Terry Sheerin (609) 774-1662 Open Show Judge

-Becca Krampen (609) 694-5481 Open Show Judge 

-Linds Proebstle (609) 203-1947 Open Show Judge

-Kacey Lee Rovere-Avril (856) 816-3603 Hunters , Jumpers, and M&S Judge

- Kathy Mastragostino - (609) -922-5176 , USDF "L" Graduate , Silver Medalist _ Dressage Schooling Show Judge

- Carole Curley -  (609) - 353-4268 , Jane Savoie Certified Instructor , Dressage Schooling Show Judge

- Sophia Ujhelyi Hesington - (609)- 408-7433 , USHJA Certified Instructor , Hunters , Jumpers and M&S Judge

 - Ellen Bozarth Sullivan Phillips  (609) 505 1359  -  USDF  " L " Graduate - Dressage Schooling Show Judge 

- Evelyn Pfoutz Martin ( 717) 422 6203- USDF "L" Graduate , NAWD and DOD Licensed Dressage Judge 



** OHSA - Open Horse Show Association Licensed Judge 

** USHJA - United States Hunter, Jumper Association Certified 

** ARIA - American Riding Instructor Association Certified 

** NAWD - North American Western Dressage -  Licensed Western Dressage Judge 

** DOD - Dressage On A Dime -  Licensed Traditional Dressage Judge 

** PHA -  Paint Horse Association  Licensed Judge

** USDF - United States Dressage Federation Licensed "L "Graduate 

** USEF - United States Equestrian Federation

 ** POA - Pony Of America Licensed Judge

** M&S - Marshall and Sterling Judging 

(*) Mentors & Senior Judges

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Coeli Netsky

** All information has been provided by each individual judge in "good faith ". We encourage show managers to contact each judge to discuss their show including type, date, time, and fee etc. We also recommend a written contract between show management and judges so there are no misunderstandings between parties. Directors of this group are not responsible for the judges, in any way, we are just offering a "free" service by providing a place where show managers can find a list of judges with contact information. **